HTTP Implementation

Simon Marlow
Wed, 5 Jun 2002 11:21:20 +0100

> "Warrick Gray" <> writes:
> > I've been tinkering with a client-side HTTP/1.1
> > implementation for Haskell.  [..] In the interests of
> > finding all bugs and giving something for nothing I've
> > made the code available:
> >=20
> >
> Thanks I think it is a nice library.
> > Significantly missing is any hint of SSL and request
> > pipelining.  Suggestions on improvements are welcome.
> I tried HTTP.hs and Base64.hs a little and they seem to work
> well so far.
> I think your http library would make a useful addition to
> the Haskell libraries, at least as a starting point for a
> standard HTTP library.

I've asked Warrick if he'd like to incorporate his HTTP client
implementation into the hierarchical libraries, and maintain it.  He's
happy to do that.

Does anyone have any objections or comments?

The HTTP module itself can go in Network.Protocols.HTTP, and Browser
maybe in Network.Protocols.HTTP.Browser.  Base64 is a little more
generic - perhaps FileFormat.Base64?