Haskell HBLAS Library

Hal Daume III hdaume@ISI.EDU
Mon, 3 Jun 2002 12:01:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,

I've just finished porting the BLAS linear algebra library to Haskell and
am about to begin porting the LAPACK lin alg extensions.

Currently the "package" looks very flat:

HBlas.Types -- basic type
HBlas.Convert -- basic conversion routines
HBlas.Level1 -- BLAS level1 routines
HBlas.Level2 -- BLAS level2 routines
HBlas.Level3 -- BLAS level3 routines

since I intend to share types between the HBlas system and the HLapack
system, I intend to (shortly) make it something like:

LinAlg.Types -- basic types
LinAlg.Convert -- conversion

Before I do this, since changing module names is nontrivial, I was looking
for some input whether this would be sufficient, or if I should make it


or something else.  or Contrib.LinAlg or whatever.  I don't mean to start
a huge discussion; if there's a correct thing to do, and someone would
tell me that, that's sufficient.

Also, I'm looking for someone to help me out packaging it all up; I know
very little about making makefiles, etc.  The whole package is fairly
complicated, since it requries BLAS to be installed, greencard to be run,
the haskell to be compiled, and haddock to generate the
documentation.  Hopefully someone will volunteer.

Finally, I've been trying to make myself document the library; you can
find a somewhat recent version of the haddock docs at:


but this will probably move shortly.

 - Hal

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