Graphics hierarchy

Simon Marlow
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 09:57:16 -0000

> To summarize the recent discussion, here a proposal for a part of the
> library organization:

Thanks, I'll update my copy of the hierarchy and keep it here:

at some point I should put this in the main libraries document, and make =
it clear which modules are part of the "core" libraries.

>         Format
>             GIF
>             JPEG
>             PNG
>             TIFF

I think we had already agreed to move this sub-hierarchy under =
FileFormats (see the hierarchy at the link above).

>         HGL
>         X11
>             Xaw
>             Xlib
>             Xmu
>             Xt
>     System
>         POSIX
>             Files
>             IO
>             Process
>         Win32

Win32 includes both System and Graphics stuff, so shouldn't it go at the =
top level? =20

>    * Whether the POSIX/Win32 hierarchies should be split up on a
>      functional basis or not has already been debated, but I can't see
>      any real consensus here. How should we proceed?

Someone needs to come up with a proposal and some code, and we go from =
there :-)