Library hierarchy, contd.

Alastair David Reid
31 May 2001 16:44:40 -0600

Simon Marlow <> writes:

> The only reason that Edison is in a subtree of its own is [...]

Maybe the right thing to do here and in the case of LUD decomposition,
FFT, and other things that Dylan mentioned is to keep these libraries
in the User or Org hierarchies for a while longer.  Once things settle
down a bit, we can first of all add "symbolic links" to the real

 module Math.FFT( module User.Dylan.FFT2 ) where { import User.Dylan.FFT2 }

and then, when we're really sure that Dylan's version is the right one
to adopt as "the FFT", we could copy the code over and remove Dylan's

[Yeah, I know that the gist of Dylan's message is that there is no
such thing as "the FFT" - but I'd already typed the example...]

So I propose that we add:

  User.Edu.Columbia.Cs.Okasaki.Edison (or whatever Chris's email is)

or that it goes under the name of the current maintainer.

Alastair Reid