[jhc] error messages and outdated packages

Roman Cheplyaka roma at ro-che.info
Wed Feb 8 23:33:28 CET 2012

Hi John and others,

I guess the following message tries to tell me that (<*) is not a member
of the Applicative class:

[1 of 1] Text.Regex.Applicative.Interface(.......jhci: sigFromClass: Control.Applicative.Applicative [(Control.Applicative.pure, forall f0 a . Control.Applicative.Applicative f0 => a -> f0 a),(Control.Applicative.<*>, forall f0 a b . Control.Applicative.Applicative f0 => f0 (a -> b) -> f0 a -> f0 b)] Control.Applicative.<*

Could it be improved?

Also, I'd like to update the 'applicative' package to match the current
'base', but before I spend time on that I'd like to check if there are
no objections to merging the changes into the jhc repository.

Roman I. Cheplyaka :: http://ro-che.info/

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