[jhc] Initial compiling of a source file

iæfai iaefai at me.com
Sat Mar 6 01:07:21 EST 2010

I have managed to get jhc compiled with ghc 6.12.1 and used containers But a problem comes up when I want to compile something that uses Data.Map.

Some very basic code: 

import Data.Map (Map)
import Data.Set

When compiled, I get this:

$ jhc logic1.hs 
jhc logic1.hs
jhc 0.7.4 (-n 0.7.3-1
Finding Dependencies...
Using Ho Cache: '/Users/iaefai/.jhc/cache'
Main                    [logic1.hs]
Error: Module not found: Data.Map
Error: Module not found: Data.Set

However, I do have containers installed: 

$ jhc --list-libraries
- applicative-1.0
- base-1.0
- jhc-1.0
- containers-
- haskell98-1.0

What would be the proper way to compile this, or at the very least let it find the modules?

Also, is there some documentation generated? I noticed calls to pandoc but didn't notice where they went.

- iaefai.

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