[jhc] Emitting Optimal C

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Sun Feb 22 17:19:12 EST 2009

Rick R wrote:
> I have been looking for a functional language that compiles to efficient
> C/C++ to fufill two rather odd criteria.
> 1. To conform to the requirements of the iPhone Developers Program. Code
> must compile in XCode and be either C/C++/Obj-C. Garbage collection is
> mostly disallowed. Program size and memory must fit below a threshold.

In what way is "garbage collection mostly disallowed"?  Is there a technical 
restriction (rather than just documentation saying "we don't want you to use 
garbage collectors")?  Is the issue the one you mention in the next sentence 
("Program size and memory must fit below a threshold") in that most garbage 
collectors are complicated?


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