[jhc] failure with precompiled libs?

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at cox.net
Sun Feb 4 19:45:05 EST 2007

After waiting four hours for the libraries to compile on my woefully underpowered
machine, I gave up and tried to use the libraries from:


I copied both files into my jhc dir, and then:

stefan at stefans:/usr/local/src/jhc$ ./jhc -L. -flint -v test/HelloWorld.hs
jhc -L. -flint -v test/HelloWorld.hs
Compiling ["test/HelloWorld.hs"]
Loading libraries: ["base","haskell98"]
Loading library: "base-1.0" @ "./base-1.0.hl"
Loading library ./base-1.0.hl failed due to missing dependencies
stefan at stefans:/usr/local/src/jhc$ 

Also, augustss on #haskell said that he was unable to use jhc because "the
precompiled libraries were incompatible with my jhc somehow".

Is this a known problem? (not being able to use precompiled libs)


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