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Stephen Blackheath [to GHC-iPhone] likeliest.complexions.stephen at blacksapphire.com
Sun Nov 6 21:19:01 CET 2011


math.h is standard C library stuff. If it can't find that, then it means 
the SDK it is trying to use, namely,
is not there. The version-dependency is very brittle. If you need a 
different version, you'll need to build GHC from source.

We have used parsec-3.1.0 on iPhone quite happily.

I don't want to spend any time on the old ghc-6.10.4-based version that 
I could be spending on the new one. On the subject of the new GHC-iPhone 
compiler, here's an update:

* ARM support is now present in GHC HEAD, using the LLVM code generator. 
You can build GHC locally on ARM linux, for example, and the speed of 
code execution is roughly twice the speed of the C-based code-gen.

* The necessary LLVM changes will now be in LLVM version 3.0 thanks to 
Karel Gardas and David Terei.

* Well Typed were planning to implement generalized cross-compiling, but 
they're now looking for funding for this work. Since we (= iPwn Studios) 
need it soon, I'll be starting on it myself, hopefully this week. 
Cross-compiling in general is the bulk of the work. The iPhone-specific 
stuff is essentially the same as for the old GHC-6.10.4-based version.

* An Android compiler will follow, but I can't estimate when.


On 05/11/11 13:40, David Pollak wrote:
> Howdy,
> I'm back to using GHC-iphone... I'm merging stuff I've been working on
> into an iPad app.
> I'm using certain libraries like Parsec 3 (is Parsec 3 GHC 7 only?) When
> I do a try to install Parsec:
> dpp at oldboy:~/proj/LispHaskellIPad$ iphone-cabal install parsec
> Warning: Error parsing config file /Users/dpp/.cabal/config:77:
> Parse of field 'libsubdir' failed (paths with spaces must use Haskell String
> syntax):
> Warning: Using default configuration.
> Resolving dependencies...
> Configuring deepseq-
> Preprocessing library deepseq-
> Building deepseq-
> [1 of 1] Compiling Control.DeepSeq ( Control/DeepSeq.hs,
> dist/build/Control/DeepSeq.o )
> In file included from
> /var/folders/kQ/kQnNu0yWEJWl+kNm1oRfTE+++TI/-Tmp-/ghc4575_0/ghc4575_0.hc:3:0:
> /opt/iphone/lib/ghc-6.10.4-iphone/include/Stg.h:54:18:
> error: math.h: No such file or directory
> iphone-cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
> deepseq- failed during the building phase. The exception was:
> exit: ExitFailure 1
> parsec-3.1.2 depends on deepseq- which failed to install.
> text- depends on deepseq- which failed to install.
> dpp at oldboy:~/proj/LispHaskellIPad$
> Bad things happen. Any pointers or hints to make iphone-cabal work for
> parsec?
> Also, a note to the developers on the list... don't upgrade to Lion...
> Xcode 4 on Lion seems to not work at all with any of the Haskell stuff
> (iphone or GHC 7).
> Thanks,
> David
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