[Hugs-users] Opening text editor

Irfon-Kim Ahmad irfon at ambienautica.com
Tue Oct 13 15:18:17 EDT 2009

Daniel Fischer wrote:
> Am Sonntag 27 September 2009 01:16:12 schrieb John Vitale:
>> I have downloaded and installed... and reinstalled winhugs to my computer..
>> it works fine but the text editor that opens up by default is notepad...
>> does winhugs come with a text editor of it's own?  If so what is it?  if
>> not what would you suggest?  My university has a completely different text
>> editor when i use it there and i would love to have that same thing for
>> here.
> There must be a way to set the default editor. I don't know how WinHugs behaves, though 
> it's probably the same as Hugs. 
> The default default-editor there is what your EDITOR environment variable says (may be 
> called slightly differently on Windows).
> You can change that by
> :set -E/usr/bin/myeditor
> (on Windows, more likely
> :set -E"C:\Programs and Applications\ed")
> in (win)hugs.
> That isn't permanent, however, so you'd want to put that line into your ~/.hugs 
> (~/.winhugs) file so that the editor is set on every startup.
> Or change the environment variable to your preferred editor (a reasonable thing to do 
> anyway).

In WinHugs, you set the editor by going to File | Options and on the 
"WinHugs" tab, there's a section called "Editor".  It's actually really 
hard to miss.

Given that the only built-in options it offers are "Notepad" and 
"Custom", it's safe to conclude that it doesn't ship with any other 
editor.  I use Programmer's Notepad 2, which is available as freeware.

Someone has posted a syntax highlighting definition set for PN2 here:


I have not tried it myself.

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