[Hugs-users] Status of Hugs? (last major release for Windows was 2003..)

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 06:57:35 EST 2006

> 1. could you please add some text wrt the difference between
>     minhugs and winhugs? what is the reason for the huge size
>     difference/why might one prefer winhugs in spite of its size?

True, good point. I have added this to the web page:

The things lacking from MinHugs that are in WinHugs are the console
version of hugs and runhugs, and lots of libraries. In particular
OpenGL and Win32 have been removed. The main WinHugs interface is the
same between both, and both accept the same Haskell language and all
Hugs extensions. At the moment both are missing FFI.

> 2. could you please coordinate with ghc HQ about non-exclusive
>      use of file associations?
will do

>     but I think when either ghc or hugs is allowed to register itself
>     for Haskell files, it should *not override* existing associations,
>     but *extend* them. (e.g., I like to have both hugs and ghci on
>     the menu, but default to vim for Haskell files).
definately. Although note that if you use the WinHugs Edit menu entry
link, and configure your editor properly via WinHugs (it may even be
able to auto-config for Vim, since thats a known one) then the Edit
command WinHugs inserts will actually spawn Vim automatically.

> 3. is minhugs a complete Hugs, or what is missing/not working?
>     ffi? hgl?
Detailed in 1, both are missing FFI currently

> 4. minhugs is quite nice, and many of the additions seem actually
>     useful (instead of just buttons for everything;-), with editor
>     integration via source links, colour, copy&paste, drap&drop,
>     help and browsing.

> there is a help menu entry for hierarchical libraries, which does
> nothing in minhugs. in ghci, the corresponding help entry takes me
> to the local copy of the haddocs for those libraries, which I use all
> the time.
Woops, that link seems to have been neglected. Since Hugs doesn't
install Haddock documentation it should fire up a web browser, but
yeah, I'll fix that.

> btw, which user docs do the help contents correspond to? as long
> as the contents have not been integrated into one document, why
> are not all current user docs available?
Having two entirely separate user guides (one called user guide, one
called user manual) confused me totally. I had no idea what each one
was, and no idea where to go to find things. I've put a link to the
newest one, if the newest one misses information then I'd say thats
less confusing than having two links!



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