[Hugs-users] Status of Hugs? (last major release for Windows was 2003..)

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon Feb 20 06:47:35 EST 2006

>It's pretty much ready now, I'll package up some final binaries
>tomorrow - whenever Hugs is in a ready state I'm happy to release.

looking forward to a full release.

1. could you please add some text wrt the difference between
    minhugs and winhugs? what is the reason for the huge size
    difference/why might one prefer winhugs in spite of its size?

    the current page only says that the bigger download has more
    contents, which is as true as unhelpful;-) so I stuck with minhugs.

2. could you please coordinate with ghc HQ about non-exclusive
     use of file associations?

    minhugs asks whether to register, and ghc snapshots can be
    unpacked and used without registering, so that is okay.

    but I think when either ghc or hugs is allowed to register itself
    for Haskell files, it should *not override* existing associations, 
    but *extend* them. (e.g., I like to have both hugs and ghci on 
    the menu, but default to vim for Haskell files).

3. is minhugs a complete Hugs, or what is missing/not working? 
    ffi? hgl?

4. minhugs is quite nice, and many of the additions seem actually
    useful (instead of just buttons for everything;-), with editor 
    integration via source links, colour, copy&paste, drap&drop,
    help and browsing.

> >   the menu entry gives a blank
>out of curiosity, what were you hoping the menu entry to say to
>indicate heirarchical modules? If there is a part of the user
>interface I've missed out (esp that was there in previous versions of
>WinHugs) just let me know.

there is a help menu entry for hierarchical libraries, which does 
nothing in minhugs. in ghci, the corresponding help entry takes me
to the local copy of the haddocs for those libraries, which I use all
the time.

btw, which user docs do the help contents correspond to? as long
as the contents have not been integrated into one document, why
are not all current user docs available?


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