Problem with hierarchical libraries in Hugs compared to ghc/nhc98

Alastair Reid
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 11:47:47 +0000

Ross Paterson <> writes:
> the changes would be cleaner if the search strategy for module
> names, currently

>       [ d++f++e | f <- files, d <- dirs, e <- hugsSuffixes ]
>        where files = [mod2dir nm, nm]

> were also changed to

>       [ d++f++e | d <- dirs, f <- files, e <- hugsSuffixes ]

> i.e. swap the first two generators.  

Better yet, drop the support for interpreting the '.' as anything but
a hierarchial module namespace separator.  That is, use this:

>       [ d ++ mod2dir nm ++ e | d <- dirs, e <- hugsSuffixes ]

The last release rightly supported both old and new style names.
We're already committed to dropping the non-hierarchial libraries
in future releases.  Let's drop non-hierarchial names too.

[I also lean towards dropping the implicit search of the current
directory too but I'm not certain enough of the consequences of such a

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