Unicode support in Hugs - alpha-patch available

Dimitry Golubovsky dimitry@golubovsky.org
Mon, 25 Aug 2003 23:31:52 -0400

OK, I see where I am wrong - thanks for pointing me out.

I would agree with Ross that it is better to embed some minimal 
information about characters (case conversion, category) into the Hugs 
core because almost every program needs them, and the rest (like 
directionality, composition, etc.) might be implemented later for 
programs that really would need that in some special way.

Ross Paterson wrote:
> [returning to the list after some discussion with Dimitry]
> Just to be clear, the Unicode support under discussion comprises only:
> - making ord(maxBound::Char) a lot bigger, say 0x10FFFD.
> - making the character classification and case conversion functions
>   in the Char module work on the expanded range.


Dmitry M. Golubovsky
       South Lyon, MI