Fwd: Hugs on Mac with CW6 ? ... and Haskell Graphics Lib?

Doug Landauer landauer@scruznet.com
Thu, 7 Dec 2000 11:27:27 +0100

Hello, I was wondering whether you know if anyone has gotten
Hugs to compile on Mac OS 9, using CodeWarrior 6.  I am wanting
to get to know Haskell a little, and I have a copy of Paul
Hudak's book "The Haskell School of Expression", so I thought
it would be cool to run the book's examples on my Mac at home.

Unfortunately, I could not find any Mac port of the Haskell
Graphics Library.  So I decided it would make sense to
try to compile Hugs on the Mac.  Though I have known C
for decades (worked at Sun for 10 years, now Apple for just
over five), I'm a novice at using Codewarrior and at Mac
GUI programming in C.

It looks like Metrowerks may have changed some things
about the SIOUX interface and/or how stdarg.h works, in
between CW 5 and CW 6.   (I deduce this from my feeble
attempts at compiling and debugging a plain Hugs with CW 6.)

Once I can get a plain Hugs working with CW 6, I'm hoping to
try to figure out how to get it to interface to C, so I could
supply something like the Haskell Graphics Library and link
it in with Hugs.

So anyway, I have some specific questions:

 -- has anyone gotten Hugs to compile on Mac OS 9
     under CW 6?

 -- has anyone gotten Hugs+HGL to work on any Mac
     (OS 9 or OS X)?

 -- where should I look to figure out how the mac version
     of Hugs wants to interface with a C-based library?

 -- would it be easier to work with GHC or HBC instead of Hugs?
     (High speed is not a big concern of mine at the moment,
      I just want to learn and be able to play around with

Thanks in advance for any guidance you might be able to provide.
 -- Doug Landauer       landauer@scruznet.com (home)
                        landauer@apple.com (work)