Fwd: Re: Hugs and Mac and GUI

Hans Aberg haberg@matematik.su.se
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 10:49:46 +0100

At 16:24 +0100 0-12-04, Atze Dijkstra wrote:
>Compiling Hugs on MacOS X is no problem, that is, it runs after compiling
>and >installing with the standard pre-beta macosx developer tools. GHC is
>a bit more >of a problem; I am currently busy trying to port GHC (with
>help from the GHC >team). So stay tuned.

This sounds great. I have a long time ago compiled Hugs with GCC under the
Tenon Mach/BSD, similar to the combination of MacOS X, and as I recall, it
compiled without a hitch.

So the "biggie" is what you can do with GHC: Any progress you can make
there is gratefully accepted.

If one wants to make a standalone Hugs with a GUI, then it might be
possible to strip out some of the stuff that we have done for the current
Mac Hugs. (For example, it will probably be interesting to experiment with
the MacOS high-level events.)

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