[HF-discuss] [Haskell-cafe] Do something about Cabal?

Immanuel Litzroth immanuel.litzroth at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 09:31:23 UTC 2020

I found the whole cabal experience confusing and not well documented.
I kept finding blogs online
that were not working anymore in my version of cabal ('cabal sandbox
init', 'cabal init --sandbox'...) when looking
for advice. I still don't understand the whole v1-build, v2-build,
new-build and build...
The manual doesn't seem to have a decent conceptual overview of what
the tool should do (e.g. an explanation
of what sandboxing is supposed to achieve, or the 4 build command versions).
Several of the links on this page https://www.haskell.org/cabal/  are dead
or refer to old versions:

This should not be construed as a critique of what has been achieved,
but as honest feedback
of my experience.
> Innovation and advancing comes after competition, why shouldn't we embrace that wrt the tooling of Haskell? Duplication in efforts is a relative smaller problem IMHO.
Well the competition has "go build" and cargo...
And duplication of effort is a problem when there's not enough
resources for even one decent build tool

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