[Haskell] ARRAY'14 Call for Papers

Mary Sheeran ms at chalmers.se
Thu Jan 23 19:50:05 UTC 2014


    ACM SIGPLAN International Workshop on
    Libraries, Languages and Compilers for
    Array Programming

Co-located with PLDI 2014, Edinburgh, UK.
A full-day workshop on Friday June 13th, following the main conference.


A new workshop on Libraries, Languages and Compilers for Array Programming
will have its first instance with PLDI this year (on June 13 in Edinburgh).
The workshop aims to bring together the various groups (including
functional programmers) that work on array programming. Papers from readers
of this mailing list would be very welcome. The deadline for submission of
four to six-page research or tool papers is April 2nd 2014, with
notification on April 18th.

Note the SIGPLAN sponsorship and the fact that students can apply for
SIGPLAN PAC funding.

It will be a fun workshop!  For more information see


and think about submitting!

Mary Sheeran (with Laurie Hendren (Chair), Alex Rubinsteyn and Jan Vitek)
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