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        Call for Papers

   Third International Workshop on Linearity


July 13, 2014
        Vienna, Austria

An associated event of  the Joint meeting of  the 23rd EACSL Annual 
on Computer Science Logic (CSL)  and the 29th ACM/IEEE  Symposium on 
Logic  in
Computer  Science  (LICS),  as   part   of  the   Vienna   Summer   of 

Aim and Scope

Ever since  the birth of  Girard's linear logic,   there has been a 
  stream of
research where linearity is a key issue,  covering both theoretical 
topics and
applications to several  areas  of Computer Science,  such  as  work on 
technology, complexity classes  and more recently quantum computation, 
analysis, expressive operational semantics,  linear programming 
languages, and
techniques   for   program   transformation, update  analysis   and 

The aim of  this workshop is to bring  together researchers  who are 
developing   theory   and applications  of linear   calculi,   to foster 
interaction and provide a forum for presenting new ideas and work in 
and enable    newcomers  to learn  about  current   activities  in  this 
Linearity is a key  feature in  both  theoretical and practical 
  approaches to
computer science, and the goal  of this workshop is  to present work 
linearity both in theory and practice.

Topics of interest  include new  results that  make central  use of 
ranging  from foundational work to  applications  in any  field, are 
Also welcome  are  more exploratory  presentations,  which  may 
   examine open
questions   and  raise  fundamental  concerns   about  existing 
  theories  and
practices.  Specifically, topics of interest include, but are not 
limited to:

  * sub-linear logics
  * linear term calculi
  * linear type systems
  * linear proof-theory
  * linear programming languages
  * applications to concurrency
  * interaction-based systems
  * verification of linear systems
  * quantum models of computation
  * biological and chemical models of computation

Important Dates
  * April 13, 2014: Submission deadline
  * May   10, 2014: Author notification
  * May   28, 2014: Deadline for final versions of accepted papers
  * July  13, 2014: Workshop

Submission and Publication
Authors are  invited to submit an  extended abstract (8  pages max) 
original ideas and recent results not published nor  submitted 
elsewhere, or a
5-page  abstract presenting relevant work that  has been  or will be 
elsewhere, or work in progress.  Preliminary  proceedings will be 
available at
the  workshop.   Papers should   be written  in  English,  and 
   submitted  in
PostScript or PDF format, using the  EPTCS style files.  Submission is 
the Easychair website:

After the   workshop, authors of  the extended  abstracts  will be 
  invited to
submit a  longe   version of  their  work (typically   a  15-pages 
paper)  for
publication in  an electronic journal  such  as EPTCS.  These 
  submission will
undergo a second round of referring. Furthermore, we envision 
publication of a
special issue of a journal after the event.

Programme Committee
  * Sandra Alves (chair)
  * Iliano Cervesato (chair)
  * Kaustuv Chaudhuri
  * Maribel Fernández
  * Mário Florido
  * Simon Gay
  * Simone Martini
  * Luca Paolini
  * Simona Ronchi Della Rocca
  * Carsten Schuermann
  * Robert Simmons
  * Vasco Vasconcelos

Sandra Alves: sandra at dcc.fc.up.pt <mailto:sandra at dcc.fc.up.pt>
Iliano Cervesato: iliano at cmu.edu <mailto:iliano at cmu.edu>

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