[Haskell] Quipper: a quantum programming language

Alexander Green alexander.s.green at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 21:53:06 CEST 2013

Dear Haskellers,

we are proud to announce the first public release of Quipper, an
embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum
computing. The Quipper distribution is available here:


and includes extensive documentation, as well as seven worked examples
of non-trivial quantum algorithms from the literature.

Quipper is embedded in Haskell and makes use of many advanced
features of the GHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler. Here are some highlights:

* High-level circuit description language, including both gate-by-gate
  descriptions and powerful higher-order operators for assembling and
  manipulating circuits.

* A monadic semantics, allowing for a mixture of procedural and
  declarative programming styles.

* Built-in facilities for automatic synthesis of reversible quantum
  circuits, including from classical Haskell code.

* Support for hierarchical circuits.

* Extensible quantum data types.

* Programmable circuit transformers

* Support for a dynamic lifting operation to allow circuit generation
  to depend on parameters generated at circuit execution time.

* Extensive libraries of quantum functions, including: libraries for
  quantum integer and fixed-point arithmetic; the Quantum Fourier
  transform; an efficient Qram implementation; libraries for
  simulation of pseudo-classical circuits, Stabilizer circuits, and
  arbitrary circuits; libraries for exact and approximate
  decomposition of circuits into specific gate sets.

Comments are welcome!

Alexander S. Green
Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine
Neil Julien Ross
Peter Selinger
Benoit Valiron
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