[Haskell] ANN: cabal-install-0.14.0

Andres Löh andres.loeh at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 18 22:49:34 CEST 2012

Hi Ryan.

> It built fine for me.

Glad to hear that.

> I notice that it doesn't have the parallel build patches from the GSOC.

That's right.

>  I've been using cabal with those patches for a while and was wondering what
> this signifies for the future inclusion of them in a release?

They will be included in a future release. In cabal-install-0.14.0,
they currently couldn't be included, because in their current form
they require some changes to the Cabal library, and it was one of the
criteria for the release of cabal-install-0.14.0 that it must build
with Cabal-1.14 as shipped with ghc-7.4.1.

I also hope that the time between cabal-install releases will be
somewhat shorter from now on :)


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