[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: string-qq-0.0.2

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Wed Jun 29 14:54:13 CEST 2011

Steffen Schuldenzucker wrote:
>> * "Embed Haskell into some other language" is solved by Literate Haskell
>> * "Embed some other language into Haskell" is solved by heredocs

Dave Bayer wrote:
> Nice pairing. I wrote my own literate preprocessor, which GHC gracefully
> accepts, to accomplish both of these tasks. I use "comments are flush,
> code is indented" to get rid of the literate Haskell bird tracks...
> * Comment symbols are an intrusion in plain Haskell
> * Bird tracks are an intrusion in literate haskell.
> With a decent syntax-coloring editor, one needs neither.

I think the conclusion we can reach from this thread is that there
are many different use cases and many different coding styles.

I like bird tracks in certain situations (admittedly not too many),
I like the \begin{code} syntax in other situations,
and in yet other situations (most actually) I like comment
symbols. (Yes, I do use a good syntax-coloring editor.)

Sometimes I would prefer standard Haskell multi-line strings,
and other times I would prefer Audrey's quasiquoter.

If you have a different quasiquoter that you think others might
like, please do upload it to Hackage.

GHC's new lightweight quasiquoters provide a nice mechanism
for easily inventing whatever style you like best. It's also good
to know that there are built-in standards, for maximum
universal readability.


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