[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: language-c-comments 0.1 package

Geoff Hulette ghulette at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 15:21:19 EDT 2010

Dear Haskell,

Announcing the initial (0.1) release of the 'language-c-comments'
package.  If you need to grab the comments from a C source file, well
now you can.

* Robust parsing of both single- and multi-line comments;
* Handles obscure corner cases, e.g. http://hpaste.org/40456/a_valid_c_comment;
* Comments include their position within the file, using the file
position type from language-c for easy integration with that package;
* Tested on the Linux kernel.

Suggestions, feature requests, and bug reports welcome.

Also, I may expand this package out into a full C preprocessor parser
to complement language-c and enable source-to-source C translations
that preserve the original formatting.  If you have an opinion on what
such a package should look like, I would be interested to hear about


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