[Haskell] FYI: Assistant Prof. position in FP@Chalmers (deadline 2010-04-25)

Patrik Jansson patrikj at chalmers.se
Tue Mar 23 17:08:22 EDT 2010

Come and work with us!

The Chalmers CSE department is recruiting an Assistant Professor to work 
on Functional Programming. Details are here


and below.

    Patrik Jansson, Koen Claessen, Mary Sheeran, John Hughes


The functional programming group consists of 5 senior researchers, 5
post-docs, and 7 doctoral students, and recently got a 4-year grant
supporting research in the development and application of
domain-specific languages (DSLs). Examples of our previous work in this
area are Lava, a language for hardware description and verification,
QuickCheck, a DSL for specifying and testing programs and PolyP, a
language for generic functional programming.

Examples of our current work are a language for digital signal
processing (called Feldspar, which is developed together with Ericsson),
a language for high-level micro-architecture exploration (called Chalk,
which is developed together with Intel), a language for GPU programming
(called Obsidian) and a language for computational vulnerability
assessment (developed together with the Potsdam Institute for Climate
Impact Research). Generic programming is a paradigm we actively use in
the development of DSLs.

Our goals for the coming four years are:
* to develop theories and tools that make future DSELs easier to design,
implement, and use. Concretely, we aim for making reusable, generic
libraries that capture common aspects occurring in many DSELs, such as
symbolic simulation and error messages.
* to develop high-level specification, testing and verification methods,
using QuickCheck and automated theorem proving techniques. Concretely,
we aim to mine specifications from test results, select test data
distributions based on code-centric feedback, and make an empirical
evaluation of "property-first software development".

All this will be done in the context of the concrete DSELs the group is
already working on but the overall goal is to raise the level of
abstraction in software development and verification, by leveraging the
power of functional programming – at least in limited domains.

Job description

The position as assistant professor is a full-time four-year position,
preparing for future research assignments in academia or elsewhere.
Assistant professors are expected to attain the docent level during the
latter part of the four-year position. The employment consists of two
two-year contracts. After the first two years, a performance evaluation
is carried out. While this is a position for a limited time, the policy
of the department is to strive at offering permanent positions at the
end of the employment.

As assistant professor you are expected to drive part of the research
activities at our department in the area of functional programming. You
are expected to be involved in PhD student advising, and in supervision
of MSc thesis workers. You are also expected to be active in your own
research and to prepare applications for new projects, as well as to
promote the continuation of ongoing projects. Lecturing at the bachelors
or masters levels is also included in the position, although normally
not more than about 20% of total working time is devoted to
undergraduate teaching.



Note that there is also a related PhD student position (deadline


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