[Haskell] Announce: adaptive-tuple 0.1.0

John Lato jwlato at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 17:03:51 EST 2010


I am pleased to announce the initial release of adaptive-tuple, a
library that aims to combine the variable-length convenience of lists
with the smaller space requirements of tuples.  Using the
AdaptiveTuple class, computations can be constructed in a manner very
similar to the ZipList Applicative instance.  The final computation is
passed to a reification function with an initial input to generate an

adaptive-tuple is similar in conception to adaptive-containers.  Where
adaptive-containers uses specialized data types based upon the type of
the elements, adaptive-tuple uses specialized containers based upon
the number of elements.  Using adaptive-tuple is similar to using a
type-sized vector library such as parameterized-data, but with much
lower runtime space requirements.

Adaptive tuples are designed to be used when a very large number of
small variable-sized containers are needed and using lists degrades
performance.  Available on hackage at
http://hackage.haskell.org/package/adaptive-tuple.  Comments, patches,
and bug reports are welcome.

In addition to Don Stewart, Alfonso Acosta, and others responsible for
the type-level and adaptive-containers libraries, this package would
not have been possible with Bulat Ziganshin's excellent Template
Haskell tutorials.


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