[Haskell] Job at Mylife

Julien Verlaguet julien.verlaguet at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 19:13:32 EST 2010

Dear Haskell Programmers,

Our company, MyLife, is continuing to seek OCaml programmers to expand our
team in the Silicon Valley.

We develop back-end people search technologies and the vast majority of our
code is written in Objective Caml and runs on Linux.  We love that as it
provides us with an opportunity to tackle on big challenges with great
productivity.  We are now looking for talented and passionate people to
the fun in Mountain View, California.

The primary requirements for the job are:

- proficiency in a functional programming language and eventually OCaml

- familiarity with Linux and shell scripting

- proficiency in written English, as much of our team communications are
written (brainstorms, bug reports, etc.)

- ability to understand end-user requirements and translate them into robust
software that gets the job done

The ideal candidate will have a good nose for hunting bugs, diagnosing
performance problems, and hacking his/her way through colleagues' code.

Please contact us at ocaml-job at mylife.com if you are interested or might be
interested in the future.

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