[Haskell] Open Position (PhD student or Postdoc), U Tübingen, Germany

Torsten Grust torsten.grust at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Jan 11 16:05:11 EST 2010

 [ Dear Haskellers!  This job opening may sound a bit database-ish
   on a first read, but there is lots of Haskell and functional
   programming inside.  Please contact me if you're in doubt.

   Best wishes, --Torsten ]

                    Join us on the fringes between
                  database and programming languages

The Database Systems Research Group (Prof. Torsten Grust) at the
Wilhelm-Schickard-Institute for Computer Science of Eberhard Karls 
Universität Tübingen, Germany, opens a position for a

                          Research Assistant
         (PhD student or Postdoc level, three-year, full-time)

in the Ferry research project[1]. Ferry explores how far we can push the
idea of relational database engines that support the super-fast
execution of programs written in a variety of programming languages. Our
current focus is on LINQ, Ruby, and Philip Wadler's Links, but consider
this list as open-ended.


We search for, design, and implement new compilation strategies that map
data types and idioms prevalent in (functional) programming and
scripting languages into efficient database queries. Ferry targets
off-the-shelf SQL database systems as well as a number of off-beat
database engines (e.g., X100, MonetDB, or kdb+). 

We build on technology developed in the context of our project 
Pathfinder[2].  Implementation languages are Haskell, O'Caml and C.

This demo video[3] provides a flavor of the ideas behind Ferry.
Ferry is supported by the DFG (German Research Foundation).


We are looking forward to grow our team and welcome applications of
highly motivated candidates with an excellent university degree (Master
in Computer Science or a closely related field) who are willing to
develop and shape the future of Ferry. If you are a database person,
that's great. If you are into (functional) programming languages, that's
perfect. (Yes, we love SQL /and/ Haskell.) Last but not least, we hope
that you like systems building as much as we do.

The position has no teaching obligations -- if you would like to get
involved with teaching nevertheless, please let us know.

Good knowledge of English (research and publication) is a requirement,
a reasonable command of German will be helpful.



Successful candidates will sign a contract with the Universität Tübingen
under the current regulations applicable to employees in Public Service
(TV-L). This is a three-year full-time position. The exact start date
in the time frame March till May 2010 is negotiable.

You will be working in Tübingen, the traditional university town in the
Neckar valley (Stuttgart region). Our group offers an informal, open,
and fun working environment.

Universität Tübingen aims at increasing the number of female employees
and thus especially welcomes applications of female candidates.
Applications of disabled candidates will be given priority, depending on
their suitability.

Please send your complete application in PDF format via e-mail
to Prof. Torsten Grust (torsten.grust at uni-tuebingen.de).
The deadline for applications is Feburary 19, 2010.
Inquiries with respect to this position may be directed to

  Prof. Torsten Grust
  +49 7071 / 29 75477
  torsten.grust at uni-tuebingen.de

[1] http://www.ferry-lang.org/                                    
[2] http://www.pathfinder-xquery.org/
[3] http://bit.ly/4GKEhQ (MP4, approx. 10MB), or
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRKmRiW_v4Q&fmt=18 (YouTube)

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