[Haskell] Come work at Jane Street!

Yaron Minsky yminsky at janestreet.com
Wed Dec 29 03:40:11 CET 2010

Jane Street is looking to hire functional programmers for our offices in
New York, London and Hong Kong.  We're looking for both interns for this
upcoming summer as well as full-time hires.

Jane Street has the largest team of OCaml developers in any industrial
setting, and probably the world's largest OCaml codebase. We use OCaml
for running our entire business, supporting everything from research to
systems administration to automated trading systems.  If you're
interested in using OCaml to solve real-world problems, there's no
better place.

Compensation is more than competitive, and no prior experience with
finance is required.

Follow this link to apply:


And here are some resources you can use to learn more about Jane Street
and what we do.

- A talk I gave at CMU about how and why we use OCaml
- Our technical blog
- Our website

Yaron Minsky

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