[Haskell] Scottish Category Theory Seminar

Conor McBride conor at strictlypositive.org
Tue Nov 17 05:14:54 EST 2009

*** Scottish Category Theory Seminar
*** First Meeting
*** Friday 27 November 2009, 2pm
*** University of Glasgow, Scotland

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce the first meeting of the Scottish Category
Theory Seminar which will be a forum for discussion of all aspects of
category they, be they straight category theory or applications to
computer science or physics etc. We envisage meeting for an afternoon
once every few months, at some congenial location in Scotland. Talks
by Scots and by visitors are welcome. Please contact us if you would
like to host a meeting or give a talk. Meetings are open, and all are
welcome to attend.

The first meeting will take on Friday 27 November at the University
of Glasgow at 2pm. At the first meeting, we are pleased to announce
the following invited speakers

    * Martin Hyland, Universty of Cambridge
    * Nicola Gambino, University of Palermo
    * Alexander Kurz, University of Leicester
    * Willem Bernard Heijltjes, University of Edinburgh

This meeting will receive financial support from the Complex Systems
Engineering theme of SICSA, the Scottish Informatics and Computer
Science Alliance and from the Department of Mathematics at the
University of Glasgow.

More details can be found at


If you wish to attend, or want more information about the Scottish
Category Theory Seminar, please email scotcats at cis.strath.ac.uk

Neil Ghani
Tom Leinster
Alex Simpson

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