[Haskell] Haskell on the iPhone

Ryan Trinkle ryant5000 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 17:12:22 EDT 2009

Dear Haskellers,

Recently, there's been a groundswell of activity in the Haskell community
regarding the Haskell's use in developing iPhone games.  The iPhone is a
powerful, innovative platform (with a great monetization scheme, to boot),
and it's not surprising that many of us would want to develop apps for it in
our favorite language.

I am proud to announce today that my company, iPwn Studios Inc., is
currently preparing to release an open source patch to GHC that allows it to
output binaries for iPhone OS.  The patch will be released under a BSD
license as soon as possible and hopefully integrated into the GHC main-line
in the near future.  As the first (to my knowledge) Haskell-based game
studio, iPwn Studios is committed to giving back to the Haskell community
through open source - contributing to a rising tide that lifts us all.

I would like to take this opportunity to propose the creation of a
haskell-iphone mailing list, so that all Haskellers working with the iPhone
- whether for profit or for pleasure - can come together to make Haskell a
force to be reckoned with in the burgeoning iPhone App marketplace.

Best wishes,
Ryan Trinkle
President, iPwn Studios Inc.

P.S.: If you wish to be involved in the preparation of the GHC patch or in
the creation of iPwn Studios' first game, don't hesitate to contact me by
email (ryant5000 at gmail.com), AIM (RyanT5000), or IRC (RyanT5000 on
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