[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 122 - June 21, 2009

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sun Jun 21 14:10:18 EDT 2009

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 122 - June 21, 2009

   Welcome to issue 122 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Are you ready for the [2]12th Annual ICFP programming contest? It
   begins this Friday, don't miss it! Let's reclaim Haskell's rightful
   place as the programming language of choice for discriminating hackers.


   Haskell protocol-buffers version 1.5.0. Chris Kuklewicz [3]announced
   version 1.5.0 of the [4]protocol-buffers,
   [5]protocol-buffers-descriptor, and [6]hprotoc packages to Hackage.
   This catches up to Google's version 2.1.0: support for "repeated"
   fields for primitive types; fields can now be marked deprecated; the
   type name resolver will no longer resolve type names to fields; and

   12th Annual ICFP Contest. Mark Huntington Snyder [7]announced the 12th
   Annual [8]ICFP Programming Contest, hosted by the University of Kansas
   Computer Systems Design Laboratory at the Information and
   Telecommunication Technology Center. The contest will be held on the
   weekend of June 26-29. The contest task will be released sixteen
   seconds after 13:00 Central Daylight Time (US) on Friday, and entries
   will be accepted until 13:00:16 CDT on Monday. There is no
   preregistration required, and participation is free and open to all.
   Teams may participate from any location, and may use any programming
   language(s). Read the [9]contest blog or subscribe to the [10]RSS feed
   to receive timely updates before and during the contest.

   clock 0.1 released. Cetin Sert [11]announced the release of [12]clock,
   a package for convenient access to high-resolution clock and timer
   functions of different operating systems. It is planned to consist of
   two layers; the lower layer will provide direct access to OS-specific
   clock and timer functions like clock_gettime of Posix or GetTickCount
   of Windows, and its upper layer shall then provide a common API for all
   supported systems. Currently only the lower level is being developed.

   Turbinado V0.7. Alson Kemp [13]announced version 0.7 of [14]Turbinado,
   a Ruby-On-Rails-like web server and web framework for Haskell. It is
   designed to make creating web application using Haskell both easy and
   joyful. The primary additions in version 0.7 are FastCGI support and a
   new templating system (which includes HAML and HTML support).
   Additional details can be found [15]here.

   haskeline-class. Antoine Latter [16]announced [17]haskeline-class, a
   small library providing a newtyped MonadState instance for haskeline
   which lifts the class operations to an inner monad (as opposed to its
   existing instance).

   hyena. Johan Tibell [18]announced the first release of [19]hyena, a
   library for building web servers, based on the work on [20]iteratee
   style I/O by Oleg Kiselyov. The library allows you to create web
   servers that consume their input incrementally, without resorting to
   lazy I/O. This should lead to more predictable resource usage.

   Haskell-based iPhone development. Conal Elliott [21]announced a
   [22]collaboration wiki page for anyone working with Haskell to make
   iPhone apps.

   Fwd: Boston Haskell June 23rd meeting: openings for Lightning Talks.
   Ravi Nanavati [23]announced that there are several available slots for
   "lightning" (5 minute) talks at the June 23 meeting of the [24]Boston
   Area Haskell Users' Group.

   haskell-src-exts 1.0.0 rc1. Niklas Broberg [25]announced a series of
   release candidates for haskell-src-exts-1.0.0 (as of this writing, the
   most recent release candidate is version 0.5.6). This version is
   intended to fully support parsing of almost all Haskell extensions.
   Please help with testing!

   BostonHaskell: Next meeting - June 23rd at MIT CSAIL Reading Room
   (32-G882). Ravi Nanavati [26]announced the second meeting of the
   [27]Boston Area Haskell Users' Group, scheduled for Tuesday, June 23rd
   from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. It will be held in the MIT CSAIL Reading Room
   (32-G882, i.e. a room on the 8th floor of the Gates Tower of the MIT's
   Stata Center at 32 Vassar St in Cambridge, MA). Talks include
   "Automagic Font Conversion with Haskell Typeclasses" by Frank Berthold,
   and "Intermediate Language Representations via GADTs" by Nirav Dave.

   traversal transformations. Sjoerd Visscher [28]exhibited some code for
   Church-encoded container structures using their Foldable instance, and
   later [29]announced the [30]fmlist package based on the same code,
   along with a surprising example of a lazy 'middle-infinite' list (where
   elements can be taken from the beginning or the end!).

   hledger 0.6 released. Simon Michael [31]announced the release of
   [32]hledger 0.6. See the announcement for a list of the new features
   and other information.


   Adding swap to Data.Tuple. roconnor [33]proposed adding swap and swap'
   functions to Data.Tuple.

   Revamping the module hierarchy. Johan Tibell began an interesting
   [34]discussion about package names, module names, and the module

   Confusion on the third monad law when using lambda abstractions. Jon
   Strait [35]asked about the third monad law, leading to some
   clarification on what precisely the law says, and some interesting
   discussion on idiomatic use of the (<=<) (Kleisli composition)

   Need some help with an infinite list. Gunther Schmidt [36]asked for
   some help generating a particular infinite list, and got a number of
   interesting suggestions.

Blog noise

   [37]Haskell news from the [38]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Thomas ten Cate: [39]Cosmetics. Nice-looking icons for EclipseFP!
     * Niklas Broberg: [40]GSoC status report, week 4. More release
       candidates for haskell-src-exts 1.0.0.
     * >>> Uwe Hoffmann: [41]publishing nike runs, part 4: string
       templates. Real-world example of using HStringTemplate.
     * Andy Gill: [42]Call for Participation in the 12th Annual ICFP
       Programming Contest!. June 26-29!
     * Sebastian Fischer: [43]Reinventing Haskell Backtracking.
     * Remco Niemeijer: [44]Programming Praxis - Monte Carlo
       factorization. Remco implements Pollard's factorization algorithm
       in 9 lines of Haskell.
     * >>> Lee Duhem: [45]Understanding Functions Which Use 'instance
       Monad []' by Equational Reasoning.
     * Alex McLean: [46]Patterns in Haskell. A Haskell music generation
     * David Amos: [47]Group generators for graph symmetries.
     * >>> adam: [48]Experience writing a ray tracer in Haskell. Adam's
       final project in a Haskell class taught by Mark Jones and Tim
     * Petr Rockai: [49]soc progress 4.
     * Yaakov Nemoy: [50]Haskell Bindings to C from Start to Finish.
       Yaakov outlines his experience getting c2hs and the FFI to work.
     * Alex McLean: [51]Patterns in Haskell. Representing rhythmic
       patterns in Haskell.
     * >>> Abhishek Tiwari: [52]Haskell for Bioinformatics.
     * Roman Cheplyaka: [53]Shootout. A hilarious comic featuring sound
       advice on Haskell optimization.
     * Ketil Malde: [54]Dephd updates.
     * Neil Mitchell: [55]Draft paper on Derive, comments wanted.
     * Remco Niemeijer: [56]Programming Praxis - Who Owns The Zebra?.
     * Erik de Castro Lopo: [57]Two More for the Debian New Queue..
     * David Amos: [58]Graph symmetries.
     * Alson Kemp: [59]Announce: Turbinado V0.7.
     * Gergely Patai: [60]You can draw your own graphs now!.
     * >>> Jens Petersen: [61]Haskell cabal-install rocks .

Quotes of the Week

     * Botje: <Cheery> oh man. de bruijn again kicked me to groin <Botje>
       the easy fix is to label your groin as (-1) :)
     * Pseudonym: Telling dons that something has been added to the
       shootout is the new telling Oleg that it can't be done in the type

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