[Haskell] pgm-0.1 on Hackage

Frederick Ross madhadron at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 11:04:38 EDT 2009

pgm is a pure Haskell library to read and write PGM images.  Points of note:

* Seamlessly handles the divide between 1 and 2 byte per pixel images
(this is vital for folks doing microscopy, since otherwise we're stuck
in tiff hell).
* Returns the images as UArrays; writes from UArrays.
* Handles multiple PGMs concatenated one after another in a file,
provided they are separated only by (optional) whitespace.
* Encodes and decodes all comments in the PGM header, which can be
used to drop arbitrary metadata into files in a human readable manner.

Frederick Ross
Graduate Fellow, The Rockefeller University

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