[Haskell] hscamwire, for IIDC1394 cameras

Frederick Ross madhadron at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 12:39:50 EDT 2009

hscamwire 0.1 is now on Hackage.  It provides a nice Haskellized layer
over Camwire, a library to connect to IIDC1394 cameras (most
scientific and industrial Firewire cameras) on Linux.

The binding exposes all of Camwire's functionality, except that the
only mode for fetching frames is 16-bit monochrome.  Adding more modes
is quite easy, but this is all I use.  If you have a need for another
mode, email me and I'll add it.

There is no documentation in the package at the moment.  I will
release a new version fairly soon once I have Haddock'd it, but there
is a lot of detail in clib/camwire/camwire.h on the C side, and it
translates nearly directly to the Haskell side.

Camwire itself is kind of in flux right now as its author upgrades to
a new underlying subsystem.  As a result, I provide camwire 0.8.1 in a
subdirectory (clib/) along with a Makefile to build and install it.
When you compile code linking to hscamwire, you'll have to also link
against camwire_1394.

Frederick Ross
Graduate Fellow, The Rockefeller University

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