[Haskell] A library for serial ports

Frederick Ross madhadron at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 03:35:57 EDT 2009

I've just uploaded serial-0.1, a library for line-oriented interaction
with serial ports on POSIX compatible systems, to Hackage:


At the moment it's just two modules, one of which wraps up the serial
connection in a convenience function (System.Serial), and the other
(System.Serial.Manager) which further wraps a serial connection in a
set of functions to let multiple commands go to a non-blocking device
on the far end of the port and, with the proper parsers and a little
luck, get the responses sent back to all the right calling functions.

The interface is not final yet.  I'm using Parsec parsers passed with
the command to sort out where return values should go, and that may
just become predicates later.  Also, if someone who actually knows
anything about programming on Windows wants to add that capability,
I'd be thrilled.

Frederick Ross
Graduate Fellow, The Rockefeller University

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