[Haskell] (CfP) WGP'09: Workshop on Generic Programming Call for Papers

Patrik Jansson patrikj at chalmers.se
Thu Jan 22 10:30:06 EST 2009

Interested Haskellers are encouraged to submit by 090510. The scope is
generic programming in a broad sense (not limited to datatype-generic
programming) so almost any Haskell development fits subjectwise!


ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Generic Programming 2009
Edinburgh, UK, August 30, 2009


Goals of the workshop

Generic programming is about making programs more adaptable by
making them more general. Generic programs often embody
non-traditional kinds of polymorphism; ordinary programs are
obtained from them by suitably instantiating their parameters. In
contrast with normal programs, the parameters of a generic program
are often quite rich in structure; for example they may be other
programs, types or type constructors, class hierarchies, or even
programming paradigms.

Generic programming techniques have always been of interest, both
to practitioners and to theoreticians, and for at least 20 years
generic programming techniques have been a specific focus of
research in the functional and object-oriented programming
language communities. Generic programming has gradually spread to
more and more mainstream languages and is today widely used also
in industry. This workshop will bring together leading researchers
and practitioners in generic programming from around the world,
and feature papers capturing the state of the art in this
important area.

We welcome contributions on all aspects, theoretical as well as
practical, of

  * adaptive object-oriented programming,
  * aspect-oriented programming,
  * concepts (as in the STL / C++ sense)
  * component-based programming,
  * generic programming,
  * meta-programming,
  * polytypic programming,
  * programming with modules,
  * and so on.


  Patrik Jansson, CSE.Chalmers.se
  Sibylle Schupp, STS.TUHH.de

Programme Committee:

Edwin Brady,  U. of St Andrews,
Peter Gottschling, TU Dresden
Patrik Jansson, Chalmers  Chair
Barry Jay, U. of T., Sydney
Jaakko Järvi, Texas A&M
Oleg Kiselyov, FNMOC
Andres Löh,  Utrecht U.
Fritz Ruehr, Willamette U.
Sibylle Schupp, TU Hamburg Harburg,  Co-Chair
Marcin Zalewski, Chalmers,

We plan to have formal proceedings, published by the ACM.

Submission details
Deadline for submission:  Sunday    090510
Notification of acceptance:  Monday    090601
Final submission due: Tuesday    090616
Workshop: Sunday 090830

Authors should submit papers, in postscript or PDF format,
formatted for A4 paper, to the WGP09 EasyChair instance by 10th of
May 2009. The length should be restricted to 12 pages in standard
(two-column, 9pt) ACM format. Accepted papers are published by the
ACM and will additionally appear in the ACM digital library.

History of the Workshop on Generic Programming

This year:

  * Edinburgh, UK 2009 (affiliated with ICFP09)

Earlier Workshops on Generic Programming have been held in

  * Victoria, BC, Canada 2008 (affiliated with ICFP),
  * Portland 2006 (affiliated with ICFP),
  * Utrecht 2005 (informal workshop),
  * Dagstuhl 2002 (IFIP WG2.1 Working Conference),
  * Nottingham 2001 (informal workshop),
  * Ponte de Lima 2000 (affiliated with MPC),
  * Marstrand 1998 (affiliated with MPC).

There were also (closely related) DGP workshops in Oxford (June
3-4 2004), and a Spring School on DGP in Nottingham (April 24-27
2006, which had a half-day workshop attached).
Additional information:

The WGP steering committee consists of J Gibbons, R Hinze and J

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