[Haskell] HaskellWiki Update

Amanda Clare afc at aber.ac.uk
Wed Jan 21 05:56:25 EST 2009

Gwern Branwen wrote:
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>> Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>>> There has been a lot of spam on HaskellWiki. Since anonymous edits have
>>> been switched off, a spammer tactic has been to create hundreds of
>>> accounts to evade individual account blocks.
>>> To combat this, I have
>>> 1. deleted all user accounts that have made no edits;
>>> 2. switched off account creation;
>>> 3. blocked at least some of the remaining spam accounts.
>>> This is obviously not ideal, as there is now no way for new users to
>>> edit the wiki. I will investigate appropriate ways to allow account
>>> creation.
>>> --
>>> Ashley Yakeley
>> Darn,
>> As someone who only maintained a Wiki account to customize the Look and feel
>> of the wiki, I did wonder where my account had gone.
>> It would be nice if there was a comment to this effect on the Login /
>> <strike>Registration</strike> page of the Wiki.
>> Also another possible solution (if it's possible) would be to allow general
>> creation of read-only accounts and then have a manual / moderated process
>> for upgrading accounts to read-write.
>> TTFN, Struan
> Probably not. I've never heard of MediaWiki supporting read-only
> accounts (without abusing methods like blocking, obviously).

I think you can enable or disable permissions such as "edit" for groups 
of users in MediaWiki. You should be able to use groups to give the 
appropriate permissions:


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