[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Turbinado V0.4

Alson Kemp alson at alsonkemp.com
Sun Jan 18 13:06:14 EST 2009

Turbinado (http://www.turbinado.com) is an easy to use
Model-View-Controller-ish web framework for Haskell.

The source for the framework can be found at:

The source for the website turbinado.org can be found at:
   (see the /App directory for the code for www.turbinado.org)

Release 0.4 contains:
  * A dramatically improved ORM (or Type-Relation Mapper) which
handles foreign keys.  Still PostgreSQL only at this point.
  * All dependencies in tmp/dependencies to ease building the application.
  * In code documentation (not complete, but starting).
  * Documentation (see http://turbinado.org/Architecture).

Release 0.5 will focus on:
  * Ease of installation!
  * Moving to GHC 6.10 (whenever Debian shifts).  Diego Eche provided
a port from plugins to ghc-api.
  * Additional functionality (e.g. sessions, authentication, etc).
  * Tutorials.

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