[Haskell] Re: Teach theory then Haskell as example

Apfelmus, Heinrich apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Fri Jan 16 05:00:48 EST 2009

Rodney Price wrote:
> So where do I as a practicing programmer and researcher go to learn all
> this stuff?  My background is theoretical physics (PhD, 1993) so I'm no
> stranger to math.  I've been using Haskell off and on since Haskell 1.4,
> and while I see lots of theoretical discussions on this list, I have yet
> to find a Haskell text that gives me a clue where to look.  I have the
> impression that I would have to take three or four graduate courses just
> to pick up the bits and pieces here and there that I (apparently) need
> for Haskell.  Suggestions?
> -Rod

The Haskellwiki is a pretty good resource aggregator


In the long term, the aim of the Haskell Wikibook is to become a gentle
introduction to "this stuff. It's nowhere near finished yet, but there's
already some preliminary material


H. Apfelmus

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