[Haskell] ANN: ghci-haskeline 0.1

Judah Jacobson judah.jacobson at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 15:57:57 EST 2009

I'm pleased to announce the first release of ghci-haskeline.  This
package uses the GHC API to reimplement ghci with the Haskeline
library as a backend.  Haskeline is a library for line input in
command-line programs, similar to readline or editline, which is
written in Haskell and thus (hopefully) more easily integrated into
other Haskell programs.

To install, you can use cabal update && cabal install ghci-haskeline,
or else download it from:

Haskeline is planned to be used officially with GHC in the 6.12 release:
So the more testing that can be done ahead of time, the better!

For more information about Haskeline or to file a bug or feature
request, visit its trac:

Finally, a partial list of the benefits of ghci-haskeline over the
readline/editline versions:

- Full interactive interface on Windows.
- Support for a wide variety of character encodings in line
interaction (http://trac.haskell.org/haskeline/wiki/UnicodeSupport).
Note that GHC source files are still required to be UTF-8.
- Tab completion of Unicode identifiers and filenames.
- Tab completion of quoted filenames within Haskell expressions.


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