[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 99 - January 3, 2009

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Jan 3 13:20:48 EST 2009

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 99 - January 03, 2009

   Welcome to issue 99 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   Happy new year to all! May 2009 be a year full of joy, family, friends,
   professional success, much Haskell hacking, and a minimal number of
   rabid weasels. Just in case.


   #haskell IRC channel reaches 600 users. Don Stewart [2]announced that 7
   years after its inception, under the guiding hand of Shae Erisson (aka
   shapr), the [3]#haskell IRC channel on freenode has reached 600
   concurrent users!

   citeproc-hs-0.2. andrea rossato [4]announced the release of
   [5]citeproc-hs-0.2, a Haskell implementation of the Citation Style
   Language, which adds a Bibtex like citation and bibliographic
   formatting and generation facility to [6]pandoc. This version adds
   support for citation collapsing, a wrapper around [7]hs-bibutils, and
   some [8]API documentation.

   hs-bibutils-0.1. andrea rossato [9]announced the first release of
   [10]hs-bibutils, Haskell bindings to Chris Putnam's [11]bibutils.
   Bibutils is a library and a set of bibliographic utilities to
   interconvert between various bibliography database formats using a
   common MODS-format XML intermediate.

   Haskell koans. Gwern Branwen [12]issued an RFK (Request for [13]Koans),
   following the success of his CFH (Call for [14]Haiku).

   [ANN] Haskell web server + wiki: salvia-0.0.4 + orchid-0.0.6.
   Sebastiaan Visser [15]announced the release of three new packages:
   [16]salvia, a lightweight modular web server framework; [17]orchid,
   a(nother) wiki written in Haskell, using Darcs as a versioning back-end
   and Salvia as the application server; and [18]orchid-demo, a simple
   demo application using Salvia and Orchid to serve an example darcs
   repository. You can play around with an [19]online demo.

   gitit-0.4.1, recaptcha-0.1. John MacFarlane [20]announced the release
   of [21]gitit-0.4.1, a wiki program that stores pages in a git
   repository. This release adds support for (optional) captchas, using
   the reCAPTCHA service. The reCAPTCHA code has been packaged as a
   separate library on Hackage, [22]recaptcha.

   monte-carlo-0.2, gsl-random-0.2.3. Patrick Perry [23]announced the
   release of a new version of the [24]monte-carlo package. The new
   version includes a more general type class, MonadMC, which allows all
   the functions to work in both MC and MCT monads; functions to sample
   from discrete distributions, and functions to sample subsets. There is
   also a [25]quick tutorial.

   Reading group for Programming Collective Intelligence. Creighton Hogg
   [26]announced that he would like to start a small group for the
   O'Reilly book [27]Programming Collective Intelligence, to work through
   translating some of the examples to Haskell. Email Creighton if you are
   interested in participating.

   Maintaining laziness. Henning Thielemann [28]announced that he has
   written a [29]tutorial on how to make functions lazy and how to test
   whether they are actually lazy.

   Request for feedback: Understanding Haskell Monads. Ertugrul Soeylemez
   [30]requested feedback on a new [31]monad tutorial.


   How do we decide on the new logo?. Fritz Ruehr began a [32]discussion
   of how to go about choosing a winner of the [33]Great 2009 Haskell Logo
   Contest. Weigh in if you care!


   Two Positions as Associate Professor in Software Engineering at
   Chalmers University. Koen Claessen [34]announced the availability of
   [35]two positions as Associate Professor at Chalmers University in
   Gothenburg, Sweden, within the division of Software Engineering and
   Technology at the department of Computer Science and Engineering. The
   application deadline is January 12, 2009.

Blog noise

   [36]Haskell news from the [37]blogosphere.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [38]Bootstrapping.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [39]Rewriting Monadic Expressions with
       Template Haskell.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [40]Fighting dependencies.
     * GHC / OpenSPARC Project: [41]A new year and a new project.
     * Alson Kemp: [42]2009: The Year Of Hackage.
     * Patrick Perry: [43]Monte Carlo Poker Odds.
     * Joachim Breitner: [44]Handling explicit and implicit recursion in
       Haskell data.
     * Luke Palmer: [45]Domain Convergence.
     * Eric Kow (kowey): [46]riot is almost a Haskell mail client.
     * John Goerzen (CosmicRay): [47]Real World Haskell update.
     * Alson Kemp: [48]A Plea For "cabal install".
     * Alson Kemp: [49]Cyptol on Slashdot.

Quotes of the Week

     * lilac: <bohdan> how do I see the number of reductions required to
       calculate something? <lilac> bohdan: the usual method is to ask
       Cale to reduce it by hand :)
     * conal: If it's purely functional, how do you *do* anything? You
       don't ;-)
     * ddarius: The opposite ends of CS meet in the Haskell world.
     * EvilTerran: forcedYet :: a -> Bool; forcedYet x = x `seq` True --
     * bmh: I dream in folds. One day I'll dream in monads.
     * sclv: dreaming is a monad.

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