[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: sendfile-0.5 with >2gb files and goood performance

Matthew Elder matt at mattelder.org
Sat Aug 1 15:39:35 EDT 2009

  * Code simplification / beautification
  * Fixed a bug where all bytes were not sent with larger files in linux
    (greater than 5 mb or so)
  * Added large file support (> 2gb) for Linux, Win32, and Portable
  * The current handle position will now be ignored in favor of using an
    when using the ' variants. There is no guarantee that an input file
    will not be mutated; only a guarantee that sendFile' and unsafeSendFile'
    not care about the starting position -- they will always start from the
  * The portable implementation is now more reliable and memory-efficient
    thanks to the work done by Bardur Arantsson.
  * The Win32 implementation is more reliable now, as TransmitFile is now
    with 'foreign import stdcall safe' once again.

The FreeBSD implementation is still in need of some love but the Win32 &
Linux implementations work great!

Happy Hacking!
Matthew Elder
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