[Haskell] Re: Hi-res/vector version of logo?

Brian Sniffen brian.sniffen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 19:28:13 EDT 2009

> Sure, I'm happy to convert the PSDs (available in the src/ directory,
> here [1]) into SVG, but I will have to do so through tracing them in
> InkScape unless somebody has another solution.

Many of those are on one basic template.  I have no expertise to
advice on the choice of greys, but I do like MetaPost.  I have created
a basic metapost encoding of your logo7, and placed it at

I'm not entirely thrilled with its use of explicit constants to end
the equal sign or place the groin of the lambda, but this'll do for a
first draft.  A PDF generated from that MetaPost file is there as
logo-0.pdf for easy evaluation.  I experimented with the PDF-to-SVG
converter at <http://www.tlhiv.org/MetaPost/tools/mptosvg/>, but do
not expect anyone to be thrilled with the results who must edit them.

I also experimented with potrace.  The results will are wiggly. They
may be inspected at .../potrace/.


Brian T. Sniffen
bts at alum.mit.edu    or    brian.sniffen at gmail.com

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