[Haskell] Re: Hi-res/vector version of logo?

Jeff Wheeler jeff at nokrev.com
Wed Apr 8 18:03:05 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 23:48 +0200, Eelco Lempsink wrote:

> Could you email / upload to the wiki / put online a vector or hi-res  
> version of the logo(s) you made?  That will make it easier for people  
> to actually use the logo or make derivates from it.  (Preferably in an  
> Open format, such as SVG, if Photoshop can do that.)  I'm not a  
> licensing guru, but it probably be nice if you make the logo available  
> under some free license or at least put a message there that you allow  
> such usage ;)

(I've CC'd haskell@, as I feel this discussion might be useful there.)

Sure, I'm happy to convert the PSDs (available in the src/ directory,
here [1]) into SVG, but I will have to do so through tracing them in
InkScape unless somebody has another solution.

Rather than converting every one of these (it takes some time to get it
right), it'd be easier for me to only convert the ones the community
decides to use. Will further voting happen on these soon? If you're
looking for one right now, please reply and I'll try to take care of
that one.

Also, I claim no copyright on these in any form. I am presently placing
all these images in the Public Domain, and I suspect Darrin feels the
same way for the concept.

Jeff Wheeler

[1] http://media.nokrev.com/junk/haskell-logos/

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