[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: Turbinado V0.1

Alson Kemp alson at alsonkemp.com
Tue Nov 18 18:49:45 EST 2008

I'd like to announce Turbinado, a very young and raw MVC web framework
for Haskell.  While the framework doesn't exactly copy Ruby on Rails,
it certainly rhymes...  It's very early days for Turbinado, but the
framework is moving along nicely.  There are still issues to be ironed
out and architectural details to be decided, so help/contribution would be
very much appreciated.

Turbinado can be found at:

The source can be found at:
   (see the /App directory for the code for www.turbinado.org)

 * Provides a fast web server (based on HSP; see
 * Provides a straightforward organization for your website (courtesy
of Rails);
 * Uses simple HTML-like templating (courtesy of HSX);
 * Is easily extensible (courtesy of an Environment built out of _Map
String Dynamic_, not the most type-safe of beasties; Help!);
 * Configurable routing (see Config/Routes.hs).

Turbinado is currently lacking:
 * Documentation...
 * An easy install...
 * A database ORM based on HDBC (visibly incomplete and ugly in
 * Many more HTML helpers;
 * Controllers for partials (lightweight "controls" ala ASP.NET);
 * Strong error reporting and handling;
 * Lots of functionality and plugins;
 * ... the favorite feature that you want to develop for Turbinado ...

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