[Haskell] ANNOUNCE: EEConfig-1.0

Bartosz Wójcik bartek at sudety.it
Tue Nov 18 16:25:24 EST 2008

I've searched for simply library to read parameters from input file. I've 
found ConfigFile only one and during reading its docu understood, that for 
simple functionality I needed I'd rather write faster sth new than understood 
usage of this powerfull cannon.

Here it is.
It recognizes given parameters and their values. As input it becomes list of 
parameters and all their possible values in format [ParameterInput] and input 
String where parameters will be searched for. As output it deliveres 
recognized parameters and their values in format [ParameterOutput], where 
only these parameters are present which have been found in the input string. 
This format can be tranformed then to Map one and as such easy queried. Handy 
functions provided.
Parameters in the input string have to be always given in following format: 
(<flagname> <parameter>)*. Anything what is not recognized as parameter or 
value is ignored.


Haddock doesn't show 2 query functions from the source, I've no idea why.

Best regards,

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