[Haskell] CFP - Special Issue of Fundamenta Informaticae on Dependently Typed Programming

Wouter Swierstra wss at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Mon Jun 30 07:15:46 EDT 2008

After our workshop in Nottingham, are happy to announce a special  
issue of Fundamenta Informaticae on Dependently Typed Programming. We  
would like to welcome submissions from the Haskell community on type- 
directed programming, generic programming, programming with GADTs, and  
advanced type systems amongst other things.

			   Call for Papers:

	       Special Issue of Fundamenta Informaticae
		    Dependently Typed Programming

		   Thorsten Altenkirch (Nottingham)
		       Tarmo Uustalu (Tallinn)

Dependently typed programming is using the power of dependent types to
capture relationships between data, internalising invariants necessary
for appropriate computation. When data describe types, we can express
patterns of programming in code. To capture this potential a number of
languages have been proposed and implemented which incorporate some
aspects of dependent types, e.g. Agda, ATS, Cayenne, Coq's CIC,
Concoqtion, DML, Delphin, ELF, Epigram, Omega, OpTT, Pie, PiSigma,  
Ynot for a non-exhaustive list.

Within the European TYPES project we have organized two workshops to
discuss aspects of dependently programming:

- EffTT, Workshop on Effects and Type Theory
   Tallinn, Estonia, December 2007

- DTP08, Dependently Typed Programming 2008
   Nottingham, UK, February 2008

The special issue is motivated by the desire to give people who have
presented their ideas at those workshops the opportunity to publish
papers on their work. However, we would like to invite everybody
working in this area to submit papers to the special issue. For a more
complete list of topics, please consult the workshop pages following
the links above.

The paper should follow the usual standards of journal papers, and
should be submitted by email (preferable pdf) to one of the editors
before 1 October 2008. We expect that the papers don't exceed 20 pages
(see the FI webpage for style files). We hope to be able to stick to
the following schedule:

	Deadline for submissions:		1 October 08
	Notification of acceptance:		15 January 2009
	Final versions due:		        15 March 2009

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