[Haskell] Spam on HaskellWiki

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Sat Dec 13 06:10:10 EST 2008

This is beginning to annoy people. Actually, someone registered several 
thousand accounts (of the form XxxxxXxxxx), though almost all of them 
have not been used. The others have been used to add spam.

I can block user accounts and IP addresses, and I can grant this 
privilege to others on whatever basis the Haskell community think 

I have CheckUser installed (allows me to find the IP addresses of a 
given user, and find edits from a particular IP address), and this is 
also a grantable privilege. However, given that the spam is coming from 
quite a number of IP addresses, I suspect there is some kind of botnet 

There is a tool called "rollback" that allows one-click revert of one or 
more sequential edits from the same user, which makes reverting spam a 
one-click-per-page operation. Again, this is a grantable privilege and 
in any case relatively harmless. However, it is only available with 
MediaWiki 1.9 and later, and HaskellWiki is running MediaWiki 1.5.4, so 
this means doing an upgrade. The current stable release is 1.13.2.

Ashley Yakeley

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