[Haskell] Haskell Weekly News: Issue 96 - December 6, 2008

Brent Yorgey byorgey at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Dec 6 16:27:18 EST 2008

Haskell Weekly News
Issue 96 - December 06, 2008

   Welcome to issue 96 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.


   Haskell haikus. Gwern Branwen [2]announced that he has collected all
   known haikus about Haskell and put them on a [3]wiki page. Add more!

   Platforms that GHC supports. Simon Peyton-Jones [4]linked to a [5]new
   page clearly articulating what platforms GHC supports, and what
   platforms its maintainers would like it to support. If you're
   interested and willing to help sponsor a "Tier 2" platform, let them

   Using Data Parallel Haskell. Manuel Chakravarty [6]announced a new
   [7]wiki page with documentation for Data Parallel Haskell.

   DrHylo 0.0.1. Hugo Pacheco [8]announced the [9]release of [10]DrHylo, a
   tool for deriving hylomorphisms from a restricted Haskell syntax. It is
   based on the algorithm first presented in the paper Deriving Structural
   Hylomorphisms From Recursive Definitions at ICFP'96 by Hu, Iwasaki, and
   Takeichi. The generated code can be run with [11]Pointless Haskell,
   allowing the visualization of the recursion trees of Haskell functions.

   pointless-haskell 0.0.1. Hugo Pacheco [12]announced the [13]release of
   [14]Pointless Haskell, a library for point-free programming with
   recursion patterns defined as hylomorphisms, inspired in ideas from the
   PolyP library. The re-implementation of the library using type
   functions (in opposition to classes with functional dependencies)
   enables a type-level view of data types as the fixed points of functors
   and provides a better experience to the users in terms of code sanity.
   The library also features the visualization of the intermediate data
   structure of hylomorphisms with GHood.

   Projects that depend on the vty package?. Corey O'Connor [15]asked
   whether there are any other projects that depend on the [16]vty
   package. If so, let him know! The package also has a new [17]trac and

   haskell-src-exts 0.4.4. Niklas Broberg [18]announced the release of
   [19]haskell-src-exts 0.4.4, which adds support for pragmas.

   ChristmasTree 0.1. S. Doaitse Swierstra [20]announced the release of
   the [21]ChristmasTree package, which stands for "Changing Haskell's
   Read Implementation Such That by Manipulating Abstract Syntax Trees it
   Reads Expressions Efficiently".

   TTTAS. S. Doaitse Swierstra [22]announced the release of [23]TTTAS, a
   library for typed transformations of typed abstract syntax.

   GHood. Hugo Pacheco [24]announced that GHood, a graphical backend for
   the lightweight Hood Haskell debugger, has now been [25]released as a
   Cabal package.


   Animated line art. Andrew Coppin [26]asked for ideas on writing Haskell
   to generate some animations.


   Scala job in Boston writing quantitative finance software. Paul
   Chiusano [27]announced that [28]ClariFI is looking to hire developers
   with a strong background in functional programming to do a mixture of
   Scala and Java programming. ClariFI is a small company (about 15
   developers) that specializes in software for quantitative investment
   management. This position is for the Boston office. If you're
   interested, send him an email.

Blog noise

   [29]Haskell news from the [30]blogosphere.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [31]Functional programmers on Twitter.
     * Conal Elliott: [32]Sequences, segments, and signals.
     * >>> Gianfranco Alongi: [33]QuickCheck(ing) the code i C.
     * Edward Kmett: [34]The Pointed-Set Comonad.
     * Twan van Laarhoven: [35]Knight in n, part 3: rings.
     * "The GHC Team": [36]Explicit Stack Traces.
     * Real-World Haskell: [37]The Real World Haskell Book Club.
     * Real-World Haskell: [38]Real World Haskell: Now in Brazil.
     * >>> Matt Hellige: [39]Pointless fun.
     * Chung-chieh Shan: [40]The pointed-set monad.
     * Holumbus: [41]Status Update.
     * Paul R Brown: [42].editrc Tidbit for ghci.
     * Roman Cheplyaka: [43]DPH docs and project status.
     * David Sankel: [44]Introducing Reactive: Behaviors.
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [45]How to use Data Parallel Haskell..
     * Conal Elliott: [46]Prettier functions for wrapping and wrapping.
     * Twan van Laarhoven: [47]Knight in n, part 2: combinatorics.
     * Yi: [48]Prototypes: Encoding OO-style inheritance in Haskell.
     * "Osfameron": [49]Functional Pe(a)rls v2 (now with Monads!) at the
       London Perl Workshop 2008.
     * Conal Elliott: [50]Sequences, streams, and segments.
     * Conal Elliott: [51]Early inspirations and new directions in
       functional reactive programming.
     * Clemens Fruhwirth: [52]XMonad GridSelect.

About the Haskell Weekly News

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