[Haskell] HaL2: Meeting Haskell in Leipzig 2, videos and presentations online

klaus meier haskell_db at yahoo.de
Sun Sep 16 08:22:17 EDT 2007

Hello haskell friends!

The Videos and presentations of the talks given at HaL2 are now online:


Meeting HaL2, Leipzig Germany 10th of July

Talks: (first in english, remaining in german)
1 Johan Jeuring (Uni Uetrecht) talks about "Generic Programming in  
2 Wolfgang Jeltsch (TU Cottbus) talks about "Grapefruit, a Haskell- 
library for the declarative description of graphic user interfaces"
3 Henning Thielemann (Uni Halle) talks about "Calculation of sound in  
4 Leif Frenzel (Karlsruhe) introduced Cohatoe: "Writing eclipse- 
plugins in haskell"

We hope to see you on the next HaL meeting in the first quarter of 2008.

Greetings, Alf Richter

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