[Haskell] (no subject)

Chris Mears chris at cmears.id.au
Wed Sep 5 17:39:29 EDT 2007

"Tomi Owens" <t.owens at hautlieu.sch.je> writes:

> Hi there. I'm a teacher of Maths and am working my way through the
> Euler Project problems for fun. I have mostly been using Basic, but
> have read up about Haskell and think it looks like a sensible way to
> solve many of the problems.

It certainly is.

> Prelude> let f (a,b) = a * floor (100000/b)

>From the floor and the rest of your message, it looks like you want
truncating integer division here.  So, instead of floor and (/), use

    let f (a,b) = a * 100000 `div` b

With that change the rest of your program should work.

The other replies explain why the interpreter couldn't figure out which
type to use.

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